Monday, January 4, 2016

A letter for you

Dear 2015,
I am very glad to hear that you left us with a very pleasant memory.Thank you for everything and seriously I am sad to see you walk away but some how,I don't want you to come back.2015,a year that contain many memory especially with my beloved friends.I was sitting for SPM in 2015 and I can't explain if I answer those exams either good or bad.
I smiled a lot but I cried many times too.My life was full of scenario either a good one or bad one.I am so grateful that Allah give me a strong heart so that I can face all of this.Allah is FAIR,remember..?

I was the one that always look for a person that can lend their shoulders whenever I need them.You made me realized the value of friendship.What are the meaning of real friends.In 2015,I met many people,but some of them were jerk!They always hurt my heart,never care about my feelings.Maybe I am not so important to them.It's okay.If I tell people,they will laugh at me as they were a very 'kind-hearted' person.

I am growing now.Become an elder.So please respect me!hahahaha...
For 2016,I am hoping for a better life,InsyaAllah.March 2016,is the mont where I am hoping for straight A's in SPM.O' Allah,please Ease everything for me.I realized something that some people are choosing their friends.People love others who are good looking,who are rich,who are hot stuff and something like that.

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yaya cendana said...

Salam. done follow sini. jemput join ^_^