Sunday, December 6, 2015


Alhamdulillah SPM was over!I am so happy.Never thought that my 5 years at the school is over now.When I  form 1,I always want to move to another school.I never loved to have a life at hostel.It Sucks.That was my thought when I was form 1.Hahahaha..The time flew fast.It's already 2015.5 years building memory with crazy people there.
Yaeh!They are crazy.Crazy with love,crazy with laugh,crazy with everything.Laughing,Crying,Arguing-everything were with them.30.11.2015-the date when all of us were gonna going our own way.Living our own life.There were no friend's shadow to hide our feeling anymore.Its up to ourselves now.FIGHTING!
After SPM,I have think several plan to continue my life.I plan to lose my weight as I want to be like before-an active and confident person.I believe that I can.Please support me guys.
Next,I will take a driving class so that I can freely driving a car,travel to the whole world,knowing every inch of avery wonderful things in this world..Then,I in March 2016,I will take my SPM result at my school and if Allah will,I will getting a very excellent result-maybe 9A's or 8A's.I believe that I will get them.
I want to take A-level and further my study in medical course at Edinburgh University,Edinburgh,UK.That is a very high dream and certain people say that it is impossible for me.But,I believe in myself.

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