Sunday, December 6, 2015

My future planning

Hello,I am Nurul Maisarah bt. Mohd Kasman.I am ex-student of pure science stream of Sains Faris Petra,Kelantan.My future planning is I would like to be a very kind-hearted surgeon.Some fields of surgeon are plastic surgery,general surgery,neurosurgey,and so many more.
I want to be general surgeon as I love to do something challenging.I am pretty sure that I can be a great surgeon as I am the person that can work under-pressure,determination is built in me,love to work hard,I am so in love in helping people no matter what!I can't stand when I look other people in trouble.Although I can promise that I will save them,but at least I try to help them.It is better than I just stand,look at their tears-not doing anything.Mr.Asnawi said to me that no matter hard we do,we can't promise the other people happiness,but we can promise that there will be a chance.So we must do our best in everything that we do.
After SPM,I want to fullfill my dream as much as I can.What I am hoping for is,I hope that my father and mother will support me.They do not allow me to futher my study oversea-it make me sad.That is my dream.Because of that,I am trying harder and smarter now to prove them that they are wrong.I am hoping for a very excellent result in SPM and getting scholarship for futher my study♥

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