Friday, August 28, 2015

The Days

Do you ever think that your friends that had been together with you since 5 years ago will be separated and without knowing that either you will meet them again or not..?

Since 2011,I entered school and knew them with different backgrounds and different attitude.There were a good ones and there were the bad ones.But without them,my life would be boring and full of black and white without any others colours.We found love,we found enemies and so many more.
But in just 2 months we will be separated as we will faced a new world-university life.How can we imagine without each other..?We had shared everything in this several years.Sad,happy and anger-together.
Everytime I woke up in the morning,I felt like I want to cry as I realised that that day became closer.We don't know that with who we will be friends in university.That is the hardest one!

I hope that one day I have a strenght and would be able to say that I LOVE YOU GUYS!

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