Thursday, July 2, 2015

Salam Ramadhan

THU,2 JULY 2015
08:28 P.M.

Today,I dreamed about my future.I would like to be a doctor or maybe a surgeon.....In the beginning of November,I will sit for SPM-that is a huge and important examination for me.It will determine my next destination.I struggle a lot for getting  straight A’s plus in this exam.If Allah will ^_^
The plan is I will futher my study in UK and maybe I will be a student of Edinburgh University,United Kingdom or maybe Standford University.It is hard actually because I need to stay far from my family and maybe I can’t celebrate Eid Mubarak with them.Can you imagine that..?

“Having your perfect life without a problem is boring,living a great life with a great adventure is great!”

These things will make me even more stronger and will help me to be standing on my own feet.It will teach me even more how to be matured.I rarely stay far from my parents so I think it will be hard for me to face it in the beginning.But I believe that I will move on...?!Maybe be a first year student don’t fun as the others but I will make it fun even better than the others.No!I will make it fun extremely better in every year.

In every semester break,me and my friend will hangout together and go eating some delicious food...YUMMY!
I would like to try the cheese actually-they attract me a lot.Going to a celebration in the city and staying up all night are such a crazy planning but I hope that it will come true???!

OOOPPPPSSS.....I planning all of that but I still remember that I am a muslim.I still have to take care about that one!It is such an important thing so that I will become a very successfull person in every aspects.

I will study as hard as I can and for a medic student just like me,it will be a very tough and long year.A medical book is such a problem for me.I hope I can handle it ^_^
But the most wanted thing is,I hope that I can find a very honest and true friends there.I don’t have any bestfriends now because they always left me behind when they happy and achieve something good...-sadly



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