Saturday, June 20, 2015

True happiness is in yourself

I've been through the various stories sweet and grief.Various feeling that I never go through including sad,happy and angry.But although various that I am going through,I know what I need to do is make sure that other people were happy with every thing that I do.
I have many friends,but I do not have good friends.too many stories grief that have made my self-reliance and do not expect mercy from other people.When I was 10 years old,I had many friends,but one day they betrayed me and give me the title that could be worse.since that time,I became a quiet and intention to learn with earnest in order to prove to them who the real me.
During 12 years old,I became one of the experts in gang that can be said is classified among students in the wise.We learn together and are still friendly until form 1.But after that we split up following the direction of each.I think they still remember me but they do not ignore me after that.this makes me think did they just toying with me before this..?
After logging into high school,I start a new life and do not expect anyone again. I live in the hostel,so I stay far from my family.and it's pretty sad but that teach me a lot.Everything that I do was aimed to ensure that other people happy because I know how hard to live in sadness.Even though it is quite heavy and hard,I will try but,if I had to make some situation  also stand up for me even though it hurts other people.

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