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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

dengkilperform #1

Assalamualaikum everyone.How are you guys..? I wish that everyone is in a good condition like I am,alhamdulillah.This time I would like to write about my foundation life in UiTM Dengkil - which was being criticized by other university because of our hashtag #dengkilperform and certain things that they might be jealous of. what ever it was let's begin..!
first day I entered Asid (UiTM Dengkil) I was amazed with the structure and there were a lot of people there,can you imagine like studied in the same places with almost 5000 students,yeah it's crazy af.and all of them were in the same ages, so we all being treated equally.but maybe there were certain that 'acah-acah' hots and wanted to be treated like a princess and prince//all that i can say was wth man you are just same with all of us.
the first week was orientation week by pmds which is very suck in handling us! who cares they are our senior,it just one year.urrrghhhhh..they are so annoying like a what..how dare they treat us like that!okay i dont want to talk about that because seriously i hate it. but the most memorable thing that i will always remember was the last day of mds,we were asked to wake up and gathered at the basketball court at 5 a.m. and guess what,all of my housemates and I wake up at 6.30 a.m. and of course all of us freaked out.We thought that we are the only one that wake up late but insanely, there were still others that waked up late than us.Without wasting any much time we rushed to the court where everyone had gathered.Luckily the fierce pmds was not there and thanks we're saved ;)
This was my classmates.Do not be quaint with the unstable ratio of boys and girls.It's normal as long as you're in the science course and i think it just same with the Law and Tesl,.you want to see the different one?you should look at the engineering classes. If I was there, seriously i'll regret to enter the engineering course.,,i was not a very good in treated a stranger but it differents here.Everyone was very nice towards me and they're very sporting and I enjoyed it.Yeah maybe there were some of theme that maybe I dont feel much comfortable but as long as i can endue it, it's okay until the end of semester <3 It's hard to describe them one by one but overall they were my favourites and i can sure that it'll be hard to forget them

this is Puteri,she's from Terengganu..

and this is Wani from Perak.sincerely I hate her at first because we always gettin' in fight like cat and dog..but then,it changes,,..she's the one that will be missed a lot

And this was the last chemistry lab with madam Raihana.OMG I miss her a lot

Thursday, November 3, 2016

What should I do..?

Assalamualaikum semua ...Dah lama Sarah xupdate blog bukan apa, tapi busy sangat sekarang + WiFi kolej selalu cari masalah.Now Sarah dah officially pelajar universiti which is not a very happy news la.I'm getting older and living in this country is getting harder year by year.
Life Uni mmg best boleh lepak sana sini, nk gi mall tengok wayang dengan kawan -maklumlah forever single kan.dapat duit elaun beli sana sini habiskan wang,takpun sebenarnya.But It looks great but its not.Everthing getting harder without you ever knowing it.Dengan kesusahan nak kejar 4.0 falat nya.Ingat senang macam SPM ke wei..??

But just forget that and enjoy sbb dlm entry kali ni Sarah nak mintak tolong para pembaca yang baik hati ni,kalau baca la.Actually my parents and I plan nak gi Umrah @ Haji tapi tak tetap lagi masa nya bila.Bila dah cukup duit , YES that time insyaAllah kitorang akan pergi.And then my friends and pun ada plan nk gi travel sesama...Our first destination is of course South Korea..Jeju , Busan , Seoul semua tu nak pergi tapi as backpackers je la,jimat la katakan. After watching Scarlet Heart hati ni lagi la membuak nak gi sana.The view was so nice.Mmg la org katakan bercuti dalam negara lagi baik tapi xsalahkan nak pergi luar negara tengok ciptaan-Nya?
Seriously Sarah cakap yg Sarah xdelah obses sangat dengan Oppa Korea ni. Sebab I know who am I.Muka xde iras korea pun so mustahilla jdoh org sana so baik tak perlu berharap kalau tak nak kecewa kan.?

Then , you guys mesti tahu kan pasal kemegahan iPhone? Actually saya bukan peminat apple saya minat semua sbnarnya.Tapi tipulah kalau kata yang dalam hati ni xde keinginan nak guna iPhone especially iPhone 7 @ 6 .Actually saya suka photographer so kalau ada iPhone ni xpayah bawak DSLR kehulur kehilir . Berat tahu tak?!!

Okay okay back to reality masalahnya duit..Mana nak cri duit oiii..Semua harga barang naik mengalahkan negara maju..hmmmmppppphh....Kita yang tak seberapa ni mengeluh je lah mampu. Memandangkan saya ni umur 18 I dont know what should I do untuk start cari duit sendiri.Nak jadi dropship tapi ntahla..After asasi I nak kerja tapi my dad mesti xbagi dan dia mesti nak suruh tolong dia keja ngn dia tapi sarah kalau boleh tak nak la dia yang gajikan.My own dad kot and perniagaan dia baru je nak start.Kalau boleh semua benda yang Sarah nak buat ni guna my own money..can you guys suggest something yang I boleh buat untuk cari duit sendiri.Please...?